• NORSHIRE Houseplants Drip Irrigation Kit

    World's smallest and most portable

    Drip Irrigation Kit

  • When you go out for a long time, who will take care of your plants?

    Or even if you are at home, sometimes you forget to water the flowers?

    Many times you have to let it wither, which is such a sad thing.

    This time around, we present you Norshire Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit the world’s smallest and most portable Drip Irrigation Kit with uncompromised performance.

    • AUTOMATED DRIP IRRIGATION KIT: Combine pump and (30) day timer in 1 automatic drip watering system. Watering home&office potted plants quantitative & timing after simply set up the drip watering schedule and enjoy the freedom of having your plants automatically self-watered.Enjoy your plants thrive and growing healthy, with absolutely no effort! You can not only save your time and energy, but also enjoy healthy plants with full water and shiny leaves.
    • DIGITAL TIMER DISPLAY: Featuring an extra OLED screen with bright, easy-to-read text and dial. Programming, set-up, and scheduling is simple. Screen is backlit enabling to set the water timer schedule at night. In addition to showing the time, it can also show the indoor temperature.
    • TWO TYPES OF POWER: Running this system from 2 pcs of AA batteries or Type-c USB power. This is the only redundant power system on the market. If USB power fails the pump will continue to run on AA batteries (if batteries are installed).Excellent for urban patios and balconies where faucets are unavailable.
    • PROGRAM MEMORY:Once programmed, the settings are stored in internal memory automatically. Custom programming and settings will remain in memory even if power is removed. There will be no need to reprogram the water timer every time batteries are changed.       

    It can be used in many ways, and it is so simple:

    We can fix it on the wall, using a magnet or a piece of 3M double-sided tape. Our design team insists on the white appearance, because it can look the same color as the wall, beautiful and quiet, you don't seem to feel its existence.

    It can work like a pump, and the source of water can be a cup, a bucket, or even a tank or a pond.

    If it is a plant that does not need a lot of water, you can use a Coke plastic bottle or a mineral water bottle if you only need to water the plant for 5 seconds a week, such as the cactus.
    A bottle of water can satisfy the water supply of this plant for half a year.

    It can connect up to 2.5L plastic cola bottles. Note that the mouth threads of cola plastic bottles are different from those of mineral water bottles.

    You can use the accessories we provide to divide a pipe into multiple pipes, so that you can water many plants at the same time.

    Layout example:

    The following are some scenarios in the actual use of our products:

    Type 1: Use the USB of TYPE-C to supply power directly. It can work on standby for a long time, and the data set by the user will be saved, even if the power is accidentally cut off and powered back on, it will still work on time.

    Type 2: It has a built-in AA (1450) battery warehouse, you can use two 1.5V rechargeable batteries, use TYPE-C 's USB charging line to charge the battery, or you can use ordinary dry batteries that can be bought in the supermarket.

    This kind of battery can make this equipment work continuously for an hour. What?
    Two batteries can only work for an hour?
    It doesn't matter, because it only works for 10 seconds a day to meet the plant's daily water supply, so it can work for more than 180 days.
    The internal CPU uses the world's most advanced low-power chip, and its static working current is less than 1UA, which means that a pair of batteries can keep the device dormant for three years.

    We use a specially designed water pump, which pumps water with a very low sound.
    It works for only a few seconds a day, and most of the time it is dormant when the screen is turned off, and it wakes up automatically only when it reaches the time set by the program.
    The machine has a built-in high-precision temperature sensor with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius, so you can keep it on all the time, and it will show the room temperature.
    In addition to real-time monitoring of the room temperature, the internal CPU can also detect the battery charge. When the battery is too low, it will sound an alarm through the loudspeaker.
    In addition, CPU can also detect whether there is water in the water pipe, after the water source has been drained, it will also sound an alarm, remind to add water, and turn off the pump.

    We are a team of engineers/makers/innovators who strive to make a difference by designing car accessories with a minimalist philosophy. This time around, we present you Norshire Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit, the world’s smallest and most portable Drip Irrigation Kit ever. We have created many popular products. You can see our products on our official website: www.norshire.com. Creativity makes life better, and we hope everyone can enjoy the high-quality life that technology brings to us. Healthy life, better life!

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